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June 22, 2018 0 By admin

By Joseph Avila

I, Was Employed by Safe Haven Humane Society for three years. The terms

Shelter, rescue and owner surrender are words you hear in this environment. Woking at Safe Haven I, have been responsible for transfers, rescues,and owner surrenders. I, adopt my boy Kiowa , from Safe Haven when he was two years old. He is Czech Shepherd,We Bond .
Well I usually bond with every dog we get. But I knew I would probably be taking him home when I first lay my eyes on him. Kiowa was one the first dog transfer I made at Safe Haven. A month later I sign paoerwork to adopt him.
I, have also been involved in Hoader rescue . Animal control , will not disclose county or which animal control. Request if I can help with this bad situation. We could safe all of them. I , did take three of them to Safe Haven and they were in a dire situation. Two of them went to wonderful homes. We tried save the third , but she was to sick. I, had leave some behind, and that hurts, and sometimes makes me angry.
I, reference “Love” In title because what you call a shelteror rescue is true agape love Love of Jesus ! You may ask what am I talking about. These dogs show so much appreciation,so much love appreciation, so much love. We can learn so much from them.
In keeping it short, ehat we learn worjing here at Safe Haven is to appreciate and be thankful for little things andloyalty will be there no matter what.
My Kiowa my boy from Safe Haven, he has brought that love to my pack.If you want to learn to that agape Lo
ve it is in Lord. I Believe the Lord works in many ways. One of them is animals.
Thank You to all that suoport Safe Haven Hmane Society in Elizbeth IL. I, Thank you my four leg kids Thank you.

God Bless

My Boy Kiowa