Pets Safety Check

June 19, 2019 0 By admin

Emergency kits Pets need

Pet preparation

Basics for Survival Food and water.

Food – Keep at least three days of food in a airtight waterproof container.

Water- Store at least three days of water specifically for your

Your pets in addition to water for your family.

Medicines- Keep an extra supply of medicines in waterproof container.

First aid kit Talk to your Veterinarian about what is importnantfor your pets emergency medical needs

Collar with I.D tag – Your petshould wear a collar & rabies tag.

Have back up leash , collar & I.D tag.

Crate or pet carrier – strudy safe crateor carrier. Large enough wear

They can stand, turn around , lie down.

Sanitation – include pet litter & litter box if need , newspapers, paper towels, trsah bags, household disinfectant.

Photo of you and your pet together.

Create a plan
How you will handle Emergency . Plan what you must do

If you must evacuate. Tslk to your Veterinarian about


Most importnant be aware of possibilty and be prepared to

Take actionin an emergency.

Source : Ready.GOV